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wry / кривой, перекошенный, противоречивый
имя прилагательное
crooked, wry, awry, askew, bent, hooked
contradictory, conflicting, inconsistent, discrepant, discordant, wry
distorted, perverted, misrepresented, warped, mutilated, wry
restrained, discreet, reserved, restrain, moderate, wry
кривить рот
grimace, mouth, mug, wry
имя прилагательное
using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humor.
a wry smile
(of a person's face or features) twisted into an expression of disgust, disappointment, or annoyance.
Aliette made a wry face, and turned away disbelieving.
She gave a wry smile at the comment on breakfast.
Elizabeth styled him her pygmy; his enemies delighted in vilifying his " wry neck," "crooked back" and "splay foot," and in Bacon's essay "On Deformity," it was said, "the world takes notice that he paints out his little cousin to the life."
And though it slowly got darker and darker outside, the peppy discussion, interspersed with slices of wry humour, just kept going.
Levy's wry sort of humour and the ironic use of an English woman's perspective to describe the problems confronted by the immigrants is both clever and sensitive.
Despite his virtuosity, Sonny Rollins always managed to express an underlying, wry sense of humor in his playing.
‘You can only choose from these four Slab pizza flavours,’ the man behind the counter explained with a wry grin.
The two men exchanged questioning glances behind her back as she came out of the garden and closed the gate, then Penniworth gave a shrug and made a wry face of amusement.
He had his arms akimbo and was directing at them a wry gaze of mixed amusement and disgust.
Mancunians claim that theirs is the world's first industrial city, and they certainly have a wry sense of humour, forged from years of hardship, that many Scots will identify with.
Cecil made a wry face, though inwardly he was relieved.