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wrongdoing / проступок, правонарушение, преступление
имя существительное
offense, misdemeanor, misconduct, fault, wrongdoing, transgression
offense, delinquency, wrong, wrongdoing, delict, trespass
crime, offense, wrongdoing, misdemeanor, misdeed, perpetration
sin, evil, transgression, guilt, error, wrongdoing
имя существительное
illegal or dishonest behavior.
the head of the bank has denied any wrongdoing
He denied wrongdoing and claimed that the source of the funds was after-tax income.
Shortly afterwards he held a news conference in which he strenuously denied any wrongdoing .
But the curious thing in these cases is that no actual wrongdoing has been proven or even alleged.
Police investigated the allegation but found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing .
The allegation of criminal wrongdoing is found to be false, vicious and unproved.
It is understood the police sergeant denies any wrongdoing and claims he made a legitimate complaint.
They publicly denied any wrongdoing and were cleared by police three weeks later.
They deny wrongdoing and have been bailed while police inquiries continue.
The bank strongly denies liability, stressing that the national prosecutor found no wrongdoing .
The police officer suspected them of wrongdoing after observing their behavior.