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writhe / терзаться, корчить, корчиться от боли
worry, writhe, worrit
корчиться от боли
suffer, perish, smart, be in pain, labor under, writhe
make continual twisting, squirming movements or contortions of the body.
he writhed in agony on the ground
Bikini-clad dancers writhe onstage at a swinger's club in their best '80s music-video impersonation.
In the second act, Colker's sleek, scantily-clad dancers writhe seductively in and out of a clear plastic tank.
They are born artists: dancers who writhe rhythmically; musicians - singing intervals long before they speak language.
She sobbed uncontrollably and Andriel could feel her body contort and writhe .
The ensuing horn blast was loud enough to stun even the Elves, who immediately clapped their hands over their ears and writhed in discomfort.
We throw the line out and almost immediately pull six gleaming mackerel out of the sea - silver and cobalt, jerking and frantically writhing .
The dancers writhed , wrapped in yards of cloth on top of rostra that made them look like some kind of pole dancer.
Nodding in affirmation, Ex led her away from the pack and into the group of bodies writhing on the dance floor.
‘Things never change here on Walton Mountain,’ I narrated brightly, stepping over Joe's body, as he writhed comically on the floor.
There are players writhing around in agony yet television replays showed there was absolutely no contact.