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write-up / письменный отчет, подробный газетный отчет, описание
имя существительное
письменный отчет
подробный газетный отчет
description, specification, depiction, definition, declaration, write-up
имя существительное
a full written account.
I'll do a full write-up later this week but so far it's really amazing stuff.
an increase in the estimated or nominal value of an asset.
The dispute centered on the treatment, for regulatory purposes, of the difference between the historical cost and the higher market value ( write-up ) of the assets of Le Téléphone Bon-Conseil Inc.
There is no catalogue of this exhibition, but an excellent and now out-of-print book (from which much of this write-up is drawn) is available through the Internet.
The official write-up from the research answered the question.
Send samples of your product to golf magazines, websites and golf journalists, together with photographs and a write-up of the product.
I'll do a full write-up later this week but so far it's really amazing stuff.
I had a gas company mail me a postcard offer with an image and write-up about the car I had just purchased.
Following this session, each student prepared a typed one-page write-up on the faculty type that was assigned to their team and how the team had answered the questions provided.
Suddenly, our customers were no longer statistics on a page or a clever write-up by an ad agency.
This deserves a more complete write-up , but I'm a bit distracted by the war coverage.
I'll be blogging the event, with a full write-up next week.
You can call this review a ‘preaching to the choir’ style of write-up .