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write-off / списание, суммы, списанные со счета, письменный отказ
имя существительное
суммы, списанные со счета
write-offs, write-off
письменный отказ
cancellation, revocation, annulment, cancel, reversal, write-off
имя существительное
a cancellation from an account of a bad debt or worthless asset.
Most banks enjoy a high quality credit rate, so write-offs of bad debts are not common - which means that when they happen, the banks notice them all the more.
a worthless or ineffectual person or thing.
she burns the toast and decides the weekend is a write-off
But Tuesday wasn't a total write-off - I've picked up my new telly, and it's a beauty.
The season is a total write-off , but we are all aware of the need to regenerate ourselves ahead of the New Zealand tour.
she burns the toast and decides the weekend is a write-off
the passengers were unharmed, but my car was a total write-off
In the event of a loan write-off , the income tax ‘deducted’ is not available as a credit to the borrower.
But it was not a write-off and the last three months were good.
I can now officially declare the personal relations of Jan-Aug. 2002 a write-off .
Back to the weekend - it wasn't such a total write-off really.
The first half of today was pretty much a write-off in terms of studying, unless you consider violent cramping, nausea and headaches an aid to learning.
And on top of this I'm going to see a show that's part of the Cabaret Festival on Wednesday night so that night's a write-off .