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wristband / браслет, манжета, обшлаг
имя существительное
bracelet, band, wristband, bangle, armlet, wristlet
cuff, cup, wristband, turn-up
cuff, wristband
имя существительное
a strip of material worn around the wrist, in particular.
She also had a leather wristband on her right arm and a silver charm bracelet on her left, also on her left was a black tattooed symbol that Myra had recently learned was the ancient sign for demon.
On her left wrist she had two black laces like the other one on her right and a white thick sports wristband .
She was in the school band, and she wore a wristband that proudly exclaimed, ‘Band!’
With the laptop, they can look up what drugs the patient is to receive, then run the scanner over bar codes printed on the medication packages and the patient's wristband to make sure they match up.
Patients are asked to sign a release of liability and are identified with a colored wristband different from that used by other departments.
I slip on my black and gold wristband onto my right wrist and five blue, thin bracelets on my left wrist.
A craze sweeping the nation is to sport a yellow wristband known as ‘Livestrong’, a trend started by champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.
The popularity of the ‘awareness bracelet’, a coloured wristband , is growing.
At the show's end, the sweaty lad in the Brunei Polo Club shirt had pushed his wristband tight up his forearm, as if it were the sleeve of a blazer.
The city's people all greeted each other, and I noticed that every person, both man and boy, wore their symbol somewhere on their dress: the women as a necklace; the men as a wristband .