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wrist / запястье, цапфа
имя существительное
wrist, carpus, bangle
pin, journal, trunnion, neck, gudgeon, wrist
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the joint connecting the hand with the forearm.
For example, the nickel found in some jewellery may cause eczema on the ear lobes, wrists , and around the neck.
(in a machine) a stud projecting from a crank as an attachment for a connecting rod.
The flat four's assembly process is different from a standard in-line engine's, so the wrist pins must be full-floating units.
First he checks the pulse of my left wrist, then the pulse from my right wrist .
The sleeves were white and had an elastic cuff around her wrist causing it to take a bell shape somewhat.
The median nerve passes into the hand via the carpal tunnel of the volar aspect of the wrist .
Working with your wrist in a more neutral or straight position will help to prevent injuries in the wrist and forearm.
Excessive or repeated use of the muscles that straighten the wrist can cause injury to the tendons, leading to tennis elbow.
Ganglia are swellings that occur around joints, the most common sites being the wrist and ankle.
White underwing linings and some white at the wrist above are visible when the bird flies.
I fell over and sprained my wrist
For example, the arm can be numbed with an injection into the upper arm or armpit to allow a broken wrist to be treated.
If you use your wrist and elbow more than the rest of the arm, try to spread the load so that the larger muscles of the shoulder and upper arm work too.