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wrinkly / морщинистый, в морщинах
имя прилагательное
wrinkly, rugose, lined, crinkly, furrowed, crease
в морщинах
имя прилагательное
having many lines or folds.
he's old and wrinkly
I've noticed recently that I'm starting to look a bit wrinkly around the eyes and although I'll probably still smother Oil of Olay on the suspected areas, I don't fear the aging process quite so much.
The speaker was an old, wrinkly man with smiling, dark eyes and curly gray hair.
The danger, of course, is that, if we're not careful, golf clubs are going to end up as mere refuges for increasingly grey and increasingly wrinkly sections of society.
When he saw his grandson and Josie stand and begin to dance, a smile spread across his old, wrinkly face.
Last I remember of it, it had several torn and wrinkly pages and the cover was folded and worn out.
A couple lockers down was a boy, about 5'5, with scruffy brown hair, wearing rumpled blue jeans and a wrinkly white t-shirt, looking as though he'd just fallen out of bed.
Mangoes with slightly wrinkly skin are the sweetest ones.
Her skin is brown and wrinkly and saggy from spending too much time in the sun.
Mr Black's wrinkly face screwed up to such a degree that he looked like a sun dried tomato.
Endowed with pinkish-gray, wrinkly skin, scant hair, and long buck teeth, naked mole-rats aren't likely to win any beauty contests.