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wring / выжимать, скручивать, вымогать
squeeze, squeeze out, wring, wring out, press, extract
twist, wring, convolve, twist up, strand, twine
squeeze, pinch, exact, wring, fleece, prey
wrest, wring, wring out, evulse
worry, rankle, maul, drag, prey, wring
имя существительное
curling, twist, torsion, warping, wrench, wring
squeezing, expression, press, wring
wringing, wring, wrest
grip, squeeze, clasp, handgrip, wring
compression, squeeze, contraction, compressing, grip, wring
имя существительное
an act of squeezing or twisting something.
I rinse my brush in hot water, warm water and then give it a slight " wring ".
squeeze and twist (something) to force liquid from it.
she wrung the cloth out in the sink
For those readers who are accustomed to more detailed explications, the chapters will read less as case studies and more as efforts to wring from Freud's original texts some interpretive potential.
Dylan's vocals are quite muscular; he attacks the lyrics like a boxer, shouting, growling and bending words in effort to wring new meanings from them.
Oh, he didn't know how bad I wanted to wring his neck!
My stomach lurched as I threw myself at Roahin, doing anything I could to wring his scrawny, traitorous, lying, cheating little neck.
I was amazed at how pristine a picture the studio was able to wring from the thirty year-old print.
To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, stop wringing the hands that should wring his neck!
Dampen with water and wring out all the excess moisture.
Sitting up, I gather all my hair in my hand and wring out the water onto his lap.
Specifically it refers to peasants displaced from farmland when it gets increasingly difficult for them to wring a decent livelihood from the soil, which faces steady encroachment as a result of urban development.
The narrative material is obviously shaped in order to wring the audience's melodramatic heart.