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wriggler / проныра, интриган, личинка комара
имя существительное
wriggler, slyboots
schemer, plotter, intriguant, intrigant, intrigante, wriggler
личинка комара
wiggler, wriggler
имя существительное
a person or thing that wriggles.
We know them by many names: grub (beetles, bees, wasps), maggot, caterpillar (butterflies, moths), and wriggler (mosquitoes).
Note that the definition of nesting success includes the effects of both nest predation (loss of eggs before wrigglers were collected) and hatching success (the per-egg probability of hatching).
Watch out for mosquito wrigglers in any uncovered water containers.
The larvae, called wrigglers , feed in the water for a week or so, then pupate for only a few days before emerging as adults.
Another eco-friendly technique is that of luring mosquitoes to lay eggs in strategically placed vessels of water and then throwing off the water along with the wrigglers .
Remove large protector bucket and add a couple of gold fish to eat mosquito wrigglers .