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wriggle / извиваться, юлить, примазываться
wriggle, squirm, coil, meander, serpentine, wiggle
wriggle, bustle
имя существительное
bend, curve, curvature, bent, flexure, wriggle
имя существительное
a wriggling movement.
she gave an impatient little wriggle
twist and turn with quick writhing movements.
he kicked and wriggled but she held him firmly
Bare branches grow out of one end, while shoots sprout out from the other, smiling snakes wriggle around and a baby bird emerges from an egg.
With an awkward wriggle , he dragged his head clear.
Alas, three minutes later the fish does a wriggle down deep and the hook comes free.
Particularly ‘ticklish’ individuals wriggle and writhe in apparent agony, as well as laughing hysterically, when being tickled.
He was not gagged, which was a blessing, but the rope was tied tight and limited any movement to a caterpillar-like wriggle .
She felt her cousin wriggle beneath her when she landed on top of him, and she laughed, pleased with herself for turning his own trick back on him.
I moved my whole body, trying to wriggle myself away from him.
Steven Seymour came off the wing when he spotted the ball working free and with great determination he managed to wriggle and twist his way over for the score.
don't try and wriggle out of your contract
she gave an impatient little wriggle