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wretched / несчастный, жалкий, ужасный
имя прилагательное
unhappy, miserable, unfortunate, poor, wretched, pitiable
pitiful, miserable, pathetic, sorry, wretched, pitiable
terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dreadful, wretched
bad, poor, ill, low, inferior, wretched
vile, abominable, heinous, nefarious, odious, wretched
имя прилагательное
(of a person) in a very unhappy or unfortunate state.
I felt so wretched because I thought I might never see you again
Herb-roasted chicken was made for this wretched weather, and the jus surrounding it is soppingly worth at least half a loaf.
The weather was of a wretched description, raining practically all day.
Workers and their families continued living in wretched conditions in the shadows of the buildings they had made.
Eventually, the robbers left the bank with nothing more than their very queasy stomachs after having eaten a number of bowls of this wretched vanilla pudding.
It's a good exercise for me, because the quality of the campaign so far has been so wretched , it means I might learn something about them, and even make my mind up as to who to vote for.
The submariners say it was only the comradeship which enabled crews to endure the wretched conditions.
It takes a special individual to perform those kinds of duties under such wretched conditions.
Three times the tie has been called off by wretched weather, but all the signs indicate the game at Netherfield Road will at last be played tonight at the fourth time of asking.
Desperately poor health conditions are distributed with a wretched evenness across the land.
But he could see traces of his own face, and some of that wretched girl's, in the young man's portrait.