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wrecker / мародер, машина технической помощи, рабочий по сносу домов
имя существительное
marauder, looter, prowler, wrecker
машина технической помощи
wrecker, wrecking car
рабочий по сносу домов
housebreaker, wrecker
фирма по сносу домов
имя существительное
a person or thing that wrecks, damages, or destroys something.
she was cast as a home-wrecker
a tow truck.
Maneuvering a heavy, expanded-mobility tactical truck wrecker into position often was a challenge in the crowded streets of an urban environment.
Back on the police wrecker again; have you heard that they are not adhering to the prescribed procedures for the towing away of vehicles?
A wrecker to take the car that same distance cost $300.
I have weighted the recovery team with not only ambulances and a physicians assistant, but also a wrecker or a CH - 47 with a maintenance team to recover the vehicle.
The driver of the wrecker summoned to remove the damaged cars was also charged for not displaying his number plate.
Since the car park was closed to give way to the planned development of the $300 million complex, visitors to San Fernando have been starved for parking and played cat-and-mouse with the police wrecker on a daily basis.
It may look benign on a calm day, but the North Devon coast is a wrecker 's paradise.
The FWTD augments the recovery capability by performing the towing functions, leaving the wrecker free for other recovery situations, such as overturned vehicles.
For instance, a maintenance mission would require a wrecker or at least a HMMWV manned with mechanics, tools, and a tow bar.
The armored box could be lifted by a 5-ton wrecker or a 10,000-pound forklift, so it could be moved from one vehicle to another in case the vehicle it was mounted on became not mission capable.
they raced out with the wrecker when they heard there'd been an accident