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wrangler / спорщик, ковбой, крикун
имя существительное
wrangler, disputant, disputer, controversialist, contradictor, eristic
cowboy, wrangler, cowpuncher, roper, puncher, stockrider
screamer, loudmouth, crier, barker, brawler, wrangler
имя существительное
a person in charge of horses or other livestock on a ranch.
He and a dozen other Alisal Guest Ranch wranglers have only a couple of hours to catch and saddle 63 horses for guests going on this morning's breakfast ride.
a person engaging in a lengthy and complicated quarrel or dispute.
The wrangler has no hypothesis to establish or no concern for truth but the only aim is to create doubt regarding well established facts.
A judge has ruled against a film company that sought damages from an animal wrangler after her mule failed to cooperate while filming.
Sylvester is a veteran snake wrangler and the owner of Reptile Rentals, a company that supplies snakes and other animals to the film and television industry.
We quickly developed a daily routine: over a lavish breakfast of steaming omelets (no cowboy coffee and gravy-soaked biscuits here), a wrangler would help us plan our day.
But, in order to register the team I had to pay 70 thousand dollars, without counting the pony wrangler 's salary and all the rest of it.
Without such exercise, and good sense over and above, a man who has studied logic all his life may, after all, be only a petulant wrangler , without true judgment or skill of reasoning in any science.
Howard teams up with ‘Silent’ Tom Smith, an eccentric horse wrangler whose days as a cowboy have ended with the demise of the wild west.
He has worked as an editor, copywriter, lecturer, careworker, sheep wrangler , bookshop assistant and supply teacher.
A ‘lunger,’ his tuberculosis kept him from active fighting in the Civil War but he served as a horse wrangler .
He is not a wrangler , nor quarrelsome, and keeps himself out of all kinds of mischief, which other boys run into.
Were you the rabbit wrangler during that shoot?