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wrangle / пререкания, спор
имя существительное
wrangle, jangle, dispute, brabble
dispute, controversy, argument, debate, quarrel, wrangle
argue, dispute, debate, quarrel, contend, wrangle
bicker, wrangle, dispute, sass, cample, ruffle
squabble, wrangle
пасти табун лошадей
пасти стадо
имя существительное
a dispute or argument, typically one that is long and complicated.
an insurance wrangle is holding up compensation payments
have a long and complicated dispute.
weeks of political wrangling
round up, herd, or take charge of (livestock).
the horses were wrangled early
an insurance wrangle is holding up compensation payments
Bertus, an implausibly mature 16-year-old, rides at the rear as second guide and helps wrangle the loose horses.
A sports store which burnt to the ground in a spectacular blaze may never reopen due to an insurance wrangle , the Evening Gazette can reveal.
A legal wrangle over a seaside town's plans to honour one of its most famous sons with a commemorative plaque is set to be resolved today.
Only yesterday, you'd have thought there was no way to wrangle that horse back into the barn.
an insurance wrangle is holding up compensation payments
The boss of Bradford's privatised education service has reaffirmed its commitment to the district after a year-long behind-the-scenes wrangle over cash.
A legal wrangle over a three-year-old unpaid bill for dealing with the foot-and-mouth cull has cost Cumbria's tax payers around half-a-million pounds.
While politicians wrangle , rangers continue working in a dangerous climate, and the parks are getting trashed.
The community complex has been at the centre of a legal wrangle for the past two years.