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wound / рана, ранение, обида
имя существительное
wound, injury, sore, cut, hurt, maim
hurt, offense, insult, grievance, wrong, wound
insult, abuse, affront, offense, outrage, wound
damage, prejudice, harm, detriment, injury, wound
injure, wound, cut, stab, wing, scotch
wound, tear
причинять боль
hurt, pain, injure, sore, rankle, wound
hurt, offend, graze, affect, catch, wound
sting, hurt, wound, gall, nettle
имя существительное
an injury to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken.
He had sustained fractures to his skull, pelvis, and lower back, chest wounds and a broken arm.
inflict an injury on (someone).
the sergeant was seriously wounded
cause (someone) to have difficulty breathing because of exertion or a blow to the stomach.
the fall nearly winded him
detect the presence of (a person or animal) by scent.
the birds could not have seen us or winded us
sound (a bugle or call) by blowing.
but scarce again his horn he wound
move in or take a twisting or spiral course.
the path wound among olive trees
pass (something) around a thing or person so as to encircle or enfold.
he wound a towel around his midriff
He said that the gun went off again when Mrs Thompson, bleeding from a wound to her body, tried to grapple with the gun.
a wound to the thigh
a knife wound
If there is an object sticking out of the wound - a knife, or a shard of broken glass, for example - do not remove it.
He also had two stitches put in a wound to his scalp after being taken by ambulance to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.
He thinks the swan was shot and we both wondered at the mindset of someone who could wound such a graceful animal.
He was taken to the Northern General Hospital, where he needed nine stitches to a wound to the back of his head.
The real issue is whether the wound is skin deep or will take years to heal.
I have only just begun to deal with my feelings, and the wound is still raw.
I could see a wound to the right of her neck, which was bleeding quite heavily.