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would-be / претендующий, мечтающий, с претензией
имя прилагательное
claiming, pretending, would-be
с претензией
mock, feigned, sham, pretended, simulated, would-be
imaginary, alleged, supposed, mock, putative, would-be
имя прилагательное
desiring or aspiring to be a specified type of person.
a would-be actress who dresses up as Marilyn Monroe
His comments are a tacit admission that the police cannot protect all women from the attentions of would-be attackers.
Making too much of a clamor over the issue could send a wrong signal to the business world and would-be investors.
A problem for would-be suitors would be finding further cost-cutting and synergistic benefits.
The increases are also forcing more poor would-be students to choose another path.
These days, the obstacles facing would-be women pilots are more often financial.
The would-be actress started to become aware of the world in a sluggish, heady mist.
At one bank, the queue of would-be buyers was so long that the bank was forced to extend its opening hours.
Rutan's spaceship may not yet be able to hoist loads into orbit, but it will give the ultimate ride to would-be astronauts.
One other conundrum for the board and would-be investors to contemplate is the question of future leadership.
So, once again, I would caution would-be writers against excessive length.