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wot / знать
know, be aware of, have, know of, be familiar with, wot
In the meantime, I'm going to… wot am I going to do?
It's the Acknowledgement at the front of an ‘auto’ biography wot I ghost-wrote in 1986.
Yeah, but wot are we supposed to do about it?
Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, author of the Tractatus and plenty of other works wot have put grey hairs upon my head, lived a few miles up the road in Clifden.
‘Tell ya wot Matt,’ James muttered through gritted teeth in a voice that was rapidly becoming like that of someone talking in their sleep.
It was me wot spotted an unattended package at London Bridge station yesterday afternoon.
Here's another sketch wot I did earlier and a couple more photos so you can feel the atmosphere of that vibrant Sunday afternoon in Trafalgar Square.
Look, I didn't start this - it was Luke wot done it.
‘Tell ya wot ,’ Graham said, with a smile on his face that indicated he was only half-kidding.
Note to Greybird: check out my comments box, look wot I did… all on my own… not bad, eh?