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worsted / камвольный
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
ткань из гребенной шерсти
камвольная ткань
камвольная шерсть
крученая шерсть
имя существительное
a fine smooth yarn spun from combed long-staple wool.
Local historian and Keighley News columnist Ian Dewhirst says the mill was built - at a cost of £25,000 - in the 1870s by manufacturer James Collingham, for machine combing and spinning worsted yarns .
get the better of; defeat.
this was not the time for a deep discussion—she was tired and she would be worsted
The cloth, a lightweight charcoal grey worsted made with Extrafine merino wool, has been produced by top weaver Clissold.
a worsted suit
Cheney was a worsted wool usually used for furnishings but sometimes for informal, at-home attire, which is exactly where banyans were worn.
The pattern calls for 100g of green worsted weight, and 100g of the Canadiana is 182 m (200 yards for my Yankee neighbours).
The final winner was Eriskay fabric, a worsted material with an unusual honeycomb texture, designed by Catherine Murray from Bute Fabrics.
I'd use a DK weight yarn, though, because worsted might get a bit heavy.
It's definitely a worsted weight yarn, but I can't be entirely sure.
Boys usually wore grey worsted shorts and grey flannel shirts, with the senior boys sometimes permitted to wear long trousers, a monogrammed school blazer, white shirt, sometimes with a starched collar, and school tie.
In addition to darning and plain sewing, she provided instruction in fancy needlework, tambouring, and embroidery in silk and worsted .
Overall the market is difficult but there's a lot of interest in our lightweight worsted suitings and jacketings for spring 2006.