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worshipful / уважаемый, почтенный
имя прилагательное
respected, reputable, honorable, honored, worshipful, honoured
venerable, respectable, honorable, reverend, elderly, worshipful
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing reverence and adoration.
her voice was full of worshipful admiration
Then there is the slavish devotion of these girls to Wataru, which (so far, at least) is completely unearned - what has he done to deserve their high, almost worshipful regard?
Hosted by David Ogden Stiers, this is a substantive and well-researched look at the history of the film, although it does tend to be rather worshipful of Walt, as is regular Company practice.
I am in worshipful awe of people who can pick up an instrument and simply compose new music.
I fear that this worshipful praise drowns out criticism and that we are robbed of the benefits of conducting an open public debate over the course of economic policy.
He has been branded ‘the new Dylan’ and ‘indie rock's dark prince ’, and has gained an increasingly worshipful following.
Speak of Jackson Pollack, Willem DeKooning and Mark Rothko with worshipful tears glistening in your upturned eyes, taking frequent breaks to compose yourself in between bursts of praise.
Although this diligent re-creation of Japanese details seems respectful - even worshipful - of the culture, the tribute comes intermingled with insults.
Sadly, the Empress is quite pacific, though if her intention was to appear worshipful , she didn't quite succeed.
He has already had a king-like, seven-day funeral and a tsunami of worshipful media coverage.
So many people I talked to seemed enthusiastic about Marden, worshipful of Richter and excited about Williams; newspapers and magazines were full of praise for their work.