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worsen / ухудшаться, ухудшать
deteriorate, worsen, decline, degenerate, decay, slip
deteriorate, worsen, impair, aggravate, make worse, deprave
make or become worse.
her condition worsened on the flight
Experts predict that the situation could worsen next month because of adverse weather conditions.
Now she fears unless he is brought home soon he may slump into depression and his condition could worsen .
The proposed bank restructuring will dramatically worsen this economic situation.
Economic indicators started to worsen in September with the increase of fuel prices.
His last X-ray in June last year revealed his condition had not worsened .
Conditions are now worsening as the days become shorter and the roads icier.
As Ma's condition worsens , the siblings are forced to face up to various family tensions.
In January last year his condition worsened when his left eye became infected and he was left totally blind.
During the dry season the condition of the rivers worsens as water levels drop.
These policies have worsened already deteriorating social conditions in the state.