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worldwide / мировой, всемирный, общемировой
имя прилагательное
world, global, worldwide, mondial, Catholic, epoch-making
world, worldwide, global, universal, ecumenical, mondial
всемирно известный
world famous, worldwide
распространенный по всему свету
имя прилагательное
extending or reaching throughout the world.
worldwide sales of television rights
throughout the world.
she travels worldwide as a consultant
A toddler who battled an exceptionally rare form of cancer could give new hope to children worldwide .
Despite its worldwide popularity golf has never caught on in big way in St Lucia.
Countless surveys worldwide show that family companies tend to outperform.
This event will reach a worldwide audience as the team set out to put Ireland on the map.
He is known in life sciences worldwide and I think this makes us a key player now.
His balanced approach remains an inspiration to aspiring sportsmen worldwide .
He pointed out that their group is the major supplier worldwide for green and white film.
Period drama is increasingly seen worldwide to be the area of British television expertise.
Campaigners say the popular pub was known worldwide and want it reopened.
America in recession would alter the global economic picture and risk a worldwide turndown.