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worldly / мирской, земной, светский
имя прилагательное
worldly, mundane, secular, temporal, profane, lay
terrestrial, earthly, worldly, earthy, mundane, terrain
secular, worldly, temporal, social, lay, profane
everyday, worldly, earthy, earthbound
tempted, worldly, hard-boiled, hard-headed, worldly-wise
имя прилагательное
of or concerned with material values or ordinary life rather than a spiritual existence.
his ambitions for worldly success
He seems to represent the sort of man she has dreamed about - worldly , charming and cultured.
These kinds of horror stories might scare kids, but they're unlikely to scare worldly adults.
The cops have copies of emails from a naïve analyst to his more worldly colleagues.
My parents didn't have any money but they were worldly and very practical.
How, it asks, is poetic talent related to worldly success, and ought one to live if the talent burns out?
Bathed in the red morning light he looked like a young angel - albeit a rather worldly one.
For his age, Pyp was a clever child and the past weeks had matured him into a little worldly man.
Honour, duty and order had always driven him, and earned him worldly success despite that relative lack of ambition.
All the above men wanted a more spiritual and less worldly religion.
From his seat in exile at Rumtek, he had built a spiritual and worldly empire with millions of followers and extensive assets.