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world-weary / уставший от жизни, пресытившийся
имя прилагательное
уставший от жизни
jaded, fed-up, world-weary
имя прилагательное
feeling or indicating feelings of weariness, boredom, or cynicism as a result of long experience of life.
their world-weary, cynical talk
The image of anxious and world-weary detectives puffing frantically on cigarettes outside interview rooms may still be a hallmark of TV drama.
Rawlins operates on the streets, filtering the ghetto life around him through a world view that is cynical to the point of world-weary .
Lengthy bonding scenes follow in which, inevitably, the hardened, world-weary , cynical bodyguard learns to love the winsome little blonde.
His growling voice, verging on the world-weary , hints at the ancient blues roots of his songs.
If his concern is with a number of unfortunate people dying, then just let him note the tragedy and leave the world-weary evaluations alone.
Pop music has always possessed a fetish for the combination of youth and musical skill, apparently since it takes a mature, world-weary mind to write a catchy pop hook.
He's cynical, world-weary and he won't call you the next day.
Replace it with despair, or with a world-weary cynicism.
He reverts to the world-weary pundit voice known to viewers.
We learn about her politics, her home life, and we become very familiar with her world-weary wit, but still she fails to ring true as a person.