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world-famous / всемирно известный
имя прилагательное
всемирно известный
world famous, worldwide
имя прилагательное
known throughout the world.
the world-famous tenor José Carreras
And now the world-famous circus is being banned from performing in the town where it attracted crowds of 2,000 a day.
The world-famous Vienna Boys' Choir has departed from more than 500 years tradition to perform pop and rock music.
world-famous composer
There will be a chance next month to share the musical memories of world-famous tenor Thomas Round.
The world-famous airshow, saved this year by a News Shopper-led consortium, will go ahead in 2004 as hoped.
world-famous hotel
Plans for regeneration of the world-famous hotel were given the green light by Lancaster City councillors this week.
For such a world-famous city, Liverpool has yet to host a world-class restaurant.
The man who helped create York's world-famous Jorvik Viking Centre has offered to help save the Mystery Plays.
Ski rental services, which provide ski equipment from world-famous brands, are also not in short supply.