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world-beater / мир для взбивания
имя существительное
a person or thing that is better than all others in its field.
If the two countries work together, they can be world-beaters in this field.
The firm, which began life as a University of Bradford commercial spin-off eight years ago, has established itself as a world-beater in its field.
Nirvana's second album is a world-beater
It makes no more sense to brand Scotland hopeless on the evidence of Amsterdam than it does to herald them world-beaters on the strength of what happened in Glasgow.
Yes, has-beens are transformed into world-beaters .
They could have used me as a role model to encourage other kids from underprivileged backgrounds to take up skiing - I mean, it's not as if we are world-beaters , are we?
I might go as far as to say that the density of potential world-beating technologies is higher in Scotland than anywhere else in the world.
They might not be world-beaters in waiting for 2004, but at least they will get an invitation to the party, one from which the global stars of the future may be identified.
England fans have been praying that Rooney could step off the treatment table and immediately transform England from unimaginative plodders into sparkling world-beaters .
Almost all the ingredients of a world-beating breakfast are available from within the county, say the organisers - from bread flour to farm eggs, fresh milk, locally-cured bacon and prize-winning preserves.
The Wallabies have attained their status as world-beaters through their ability to keep the ball, their continuity stifling the life out of their opponents.