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world / мир, свет, вселенная
имя существительное
world, peace, universe, kingdom, quiet, pax
shine, light, glow, world, society, color
universe, world, cosmos, macrocosm, system
society, company, community, association, world, life
kingdom, world, raj
имя прилагательное
world, global, worldwide, mondial, Catholic, epoch-making
world, worldwide, global, universal, ecumenical, mondial
имя существительное
the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features.
he was doing his bit to save the world
a part or aspect of human life or of the natural features of the earth, in particular.
When some vital aspect of the natural world is neglected, nature takes its revenge.
I sit here and all my interaction with the world goes fuzzy as if I am falling asleep.
That is the way the world works and why should any one make an exception in my case?
She borrows it from the animal world and evokes or invokes it on the subject of procreation.
The presenter uses amusing approaches to introduce children to the animal world .
Someone from outside will have a different experience of the football world .
Several countries in the developing world continue to invite him to help train their own surgeons.
Children use toys to imagine the world and to interact with it, learning skills that will be of value in later life.
The range of swear words in the modern English-speaking world is tiny, as you know.
The couple travelled the world together three years ago and fell in love with Asia.
So he pursued his dream, by entering the theatre world and then going on to the big screen.