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workweek / рабочая неделя
имя существительное
рабочая неделя
имя существительное
the total number of hours or days worked in a week.
a six-day workweek
German Railways, similarly, plans to increase its standard workweek from 38 hours to 42.
The average workweek shrank to 36.6 hours from 36.7 in June.
However, a campaign promise to further reduce the workweek to 35 hours was never implemented.
The small print on one flier noted that a one-year contract was based on a six-day workweek , 12 hours per day.
Although he also likes to fish, camp and play softball, finding time in a six-day workweek to do any of that is a real challenge.
Previously, a special permit was required if the mandatory workweek exceeded 48 hours.
a six-day workweek
This could mean more flexible schedules, a compressed workweek or a part-time working schedule.
South Korea is one of the world's only industrialized nations to still have a six-day workweek .
Think of all you do before you figure the hours of your workweek .