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workstation / рабочее место
имя существительное
рабочее место
workstation, work position, operator's position
имя существительное
a desktop computer terminal, typically networked and more powerful than a personal computer.
The Dell range of products includes personal computers, workstations , laptops, file servers, storage devices and, recently, printers.
an area where work of a particular nature is carried out, such as a specific location on a manufacturing assembly line.
It occupies an area of 600 square metres and covers the 11 workstations that assemble and fit the injection system.
Well, now that we are done with the description of our workstation components and assembly tips, let's move towards some practice.
At each workstation is a computer equipped with a mouse used to mark the attribute scales presented on the computer monitor.
Access to the workstation is provided by personal computers, which run Windows 95.
Today, there is at least one computer in every workstation .
If a galley isn't an option, ensure there's plenty of space in the pantry to work, or create a workstation with doors, which can be closed when the area is not in use.
The design and built quality make it a good choice for a file server on a local network or an advanced workstation .
You can also run it on your personal workstation since the Linux tools can run in the background.
The first step was to analyze the entire work envelope, with emphasis on bottleneck areas, man-hours per workstation and number of technicians per station.
Of those who did use at work, the most popular locations were an ‘other’ work location, one's workstation , in the bathroom, or in the parking lot.
The officers will have desks not in closed cubicles but at separate workstations , not different from those in corporate offices.