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workspace / рабочее пространство
имя существительное
space in which to work.
the kitchen is all white, with maximum workspace
The lounging area, table, and workspace looked out into space through the window.
Additions like these ensure that any personal workspace that is taken away is replaced with space that benefits employees in ways they may appreciate even more than an extra foot of floorspace or their own filing cabinet.
‘We need an accessible space that will give us workspace ,’ continued Rachel.
All who take up leases will be offered help, workspace and specialist support, not only from the university's experts, but also from all the resources of the White Rose Universities in Yorkshire.
He said it was hoped the building could house community workspace , training rooms, local enterprise and a business start-up project.
the kitchen is all white, with maximum workspace
A computer desk has been cleverly built into the far wall to provide a structured and private workspace but this room could equally be used as a play room or another bedroom.
To enhance the rhythmic nature of your work, do a walk-through of your personal workspace with your staff to see if you can make it more efficient and ergonomic.
More than three-quarters said it was important to be allowed to personalize their workspace while almost half complained about a lack of privacy.
the kitchen is all white, with maximum workspace