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workshop / мастерская, семинар, цех
имя существительное
workshop, studio, shop, workroom, manufactory
seminar, workshop
shop, workshop, department, guild, manufactory, gild
symposium, workshop
section, unit, workshop, element, necropsy
имя прилагательное
shop, craft, workshop
имя существительное
a room or building in which goods are manufactured or repaired.
Giant disused workshops and factory buildings would be flattened to make way for new homes and business properties.
a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.
As part of their two weeks work, volunteers engage in discussion workshops dealing with the causes of poverty in third world countries.
present a performance of (a dramatic work), using intensive group discussion and improvisation in order to explore aspects of the production before formal staging.
the play was workshopped briefly at the Shaw Festival
The class was supposed to clean up the workshop and store rooms.
Talking of great expectations, I had my first workshop for The Smoking Room today.
This downed my spirits a little, until a vibrant and enthusiastic woman burst into the room and began the workshop .
This in itself was inconvenient as my van is also my workshop and materials store room.
The workshop is an activist project in that it empowers the women and helps them get in touch with their creative potential.
a two day dance workshop
Each store has a recycling workshop used to repair and refurbish donated items.
She also opened a body workshop to repair bikes and now has garages around the country that are approved by the company to carry out repairs.
The money meant the group could set up a workshop to repair any broken furniture collected.
With my mind made up, I turn around, and quickly run across the spacious living room towards my workshop .