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worksheet / анкета
имя существительное
questionnaire, form, questionary, worksheet
имя существительное
a paper listing questions or tasks for students.
He usually volunteered in the office during his study hall period, doing odd jobs like shredding paper, copying worksheets for the students, and sorting the teachers' mail.
a paper for recording work done or in progress.
After agreement between Contractor and Managing Contractor, Contractor shall submit an invoice based on the progress payment worksheets .
A Visual Basic program was used to extract data from the worksheet .
This format is basically self-instruction where a group of three to four students complete the worksheet together to facilitate exchange of ideas and enhance discussion.
After completing and reviewing the maze worksheet , students completed a writing activity for each of the four civilizations.
A database table is broadly akin to a worksheet in an Excel spreadsheet.
The example then displays a message in the upper left cell of the worksheet .
In using the analytical framework and worksheet process, the analyst determines the details of the element identified on the framework and records the information on the worksheet where it is available for later analysis.
The worksheet included questions that helped students think critically about the author or artist, the audience and purpose of the document.
A chapter from a book about alternatives to self injury, and a worksheet asking questions about previous incidences of self harm.
At the end of the training session, students independently completed a worksheet containing six story situations by reading the story situation and mapping the information onto the diagrams.
The curriculum provides student worksheets and includes a grading rubric that outlines minimal, adequate and extensive answers for the teachers.