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workroom / мастерская, помещение для работы
имя существительное
workshop, studio, shop, workroom, manufactory
помещение для работы
имя существительное
a room for working in, especially one equipped for a particular kind of work.
Padded dress form torsos are a common sight at pattern companies, factory workrooms and professional design studios, but they're not a trade secret - dress forms are readily available to sewing hobbyists, too.
On the wish list were a new kitchen, a breakfast room, a large family room with a fireplace, and a family workroom / studio.
The shop has a retail area at the front and a workroom at the back, where the curtains, blinds, screens and pinboards are made.
Today her workroom , or ‘nest’ as she refers to it, is overflowing with designs, feathers and boxes full of orders from as far afield as the US and top London hat designer Peter Bettley.
I can stay in my workroom for 15 hours without eating or sleeping, all my spirit is focused on painting.
Funds raised last year were used to build a small workroom , where four sewing machines have been installed, to give dressmaking skills to local women to provide school uniforms for the orphaned children.
I took another step, this time passing the border of the hallway and the workroom .
The students have shown great progress and success in the workroom , in our developing tree nursery and even on the football field.
There is a glass door in this corridor which lets in light and has been designed to connect with a future bedroom built above the workroom .
Use 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with reflective backing and electronic ballasts for your workroom , garage, and laundry areas.
But because I was the girl who was sent out to do the shopping for the workrooms , I knew where to get everything.