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workmanship / мастерство, квалификация, искусство
имя существительное
skill, craftsmanship, mastery, workmanship, excellence, mastership
qualification, skill, background, experience, workmanship
art, skill, craft, workmanship, adeptness
имя существительное
the degree of skill with which a product is made or a job done.
cracks on the bridge girders were caused by poor workmanship
As mentioned earlier, a considerable amount of work needed to be stripped out and redone as a result of poor workmanship previously.
The letter went on to say poor workmanship was not covered under the insurance policy.
cracks on the bridge girders were caused by poor workmanship
You are aware that due to the problems of poor workmanship on the electrical installation, this is not strictly correct.
it was an excellent piece of workmanship
cracks on the motorway were caused by poor workmanship
Rogue traders rarely do this, making it virtually impossible for someone to take action for poor workmanship .
That story prompted a catalogue of complaints from disappointed new home buyers over delays and poor workmanship .
Functional or ornamental, one could not deny their skill and workmanship .
Jarvis said it was worried about the damage to its reputation from accidents allegedly caused by poor workmanship .