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workmanlike / искусный
имя прилагательное
cunning, adept, skilled, skillful, skilful, workmanlike
имя прилагательное
showing efficient competence.
a steady, workmanlike approach
Included in the deal was the four-wheel-drive Musso, a workmanlike offroader which had never really achieved anything.
This was more like it - a workmanlike performance embued with no shortage of skill and plenty of heart.
Lawson's workmanlike approach to the Hull game was typical of the whole team, who are making far fewer sloppy mistakes than earlier in the campaign.
For two years the Mongols moved from fortress to fortress with workmanlike efficiency.
Yoder's style, illustrated in this Anniston Star piece, appears to be workmanlike but not unusual.
However, he seemed happy to look over my plans and that, coupled with workmanlike builder's hands and nice Italian shoes, made my heart skip.
The workmanlike Campbell deserved a goal for his efforts, and thought he had it four minutes before half time only to see his simple finish ruled out by a linesmen's flag.
Although he was happy with the team's workmanlike performance, he reckoned there were enough chances to win this contest.
His workmanlike versatility and steady output have earned him a reputation as an artistic chameleon.
Dukinfield are workmanlike rather than spectacular and from the kick-off they displayed their intention of frustrating the home side.