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workman / рабочий
имя прилагательное
working, operating, worker, workman, operative, laboring
имя существительное
worker, laborer, workman, operator, working man, laboring man
worker, employee, workman, hand, Jack
artisan, workman
имя существительное
a man employed to do manual labor.
The tide had reached the ship, and now the workmen labouring about the hull were ankle deep in water.
He was a good and industrious workman in the shop, but both he and his wife were grossly intemperate at home.
The employer, notionally, gives the workman an unshaped plank of wood, and receives in return a plank that has been sawn and nailed.
The gearbox had to be removed and, as no spare part was readily available and we wanted to get home to Tyrone, the clutch arm had to be welded up and ground to size by a very skilled workman .
But where does the skilled workman or the skilled addressee stand in the spectrum?
And it's not like he makes a skilled workman 's decision.
Why can you not attribute to the skilled workman the trade or professional equivalent of Halsbury's Laws of England?
If there is a bad set of specifications and a bad set of materials no good workman can fix the problem, because it is intrinsically defective.
he's a good workman
I have no idea what he would have made of his pupil, but he's a really good workman with a delicate sense of lyricism.
A skilled workman , Paddy was always working with his hands at home or with the neighbours.