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workhorse / рабочая лошадь
имя существительное
рабочая лошадь
workhorse, dobbin, aver
имя существительное
a horse used for work on a farm.
We experimented with teams of Percheron and Belgian workhorses .
he was a workhorse of an actor, often appearing in as many as forty plays in a year
the aircraft was the standard workhorse of Soviet medium-haul routes
Gradually he made a name for himself as (so he put it) a workhorse and not a show horse; his fellow senators came to admire him.
Despite all this, the truck, a workhorse used by farmers and builders throughout the world, still managed to drive into the Top Gear studio after only relatively minor repairs.
He's a workhorse on a team that plays hard defensively, but provides little cushion offensively.
And it wasn't made any easier by the fact that the genius works like a horse and that the workhorse made himself into a genius during the season.
Lloyd was a workhorse out of the Blue Jays' bullpen in 1999, and that may have been one of the factors that led to his shoulder surgery in 2000.
Chunky, practical and uninspiring, it used to be nothing more than a dependable workhorse .
If jazzy products and packages are the show horses, a dairy's filling process can be considered the workhorse of an operation.
He's also near the top of the offensive rebounding charts and is among the NBA's biggest workhorses in terms of minutes played.