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workflow / рабочий процесс
имя существительное
the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.
Information storage operations can involve complex or repetitive user tasks and system processes - in workflows that migrate across multiple platforms.
The chapter also demonstrates the creation of an action by following a typical workflow so that the process is clarified.
The differences are profound and the process workflow usually kept in a spreadsheet, thus its dominance.
I went looking for pregnant pauses in their workflow and fingered the most prominent one - the print queue.
For those, you need a workflow that's more like the auto industry.
Thus, people must get an appointment first, and those appointments are scheduled to ensure a steady workflow .
Aesthetics, ergonomics, engineering and understanding the workflow all contribute to our designs.
This uncovers problems and waste in any process, and then compares the ideal workflow with the current processes.
Integrate the multimedia workflow into the normal story planning process of your newsroom.
It's simply unhealthy and disruptive to your workflow to continue laboring throughout a designated one-hour break.
Few companies have succeeded in achieving substantial workflows across their supply chains.