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worker / работник, рабочий
имя существительное
worker, employee, workman, hand, Jack
worker, laborer, workman, operator, working man, laboring man
имя прилагательное
working, operating, worker, workman, operative, laboring
labor, worker, labour
имя существительное
a person or animal that works, in particular.
a person who produces or achieves a specified thing.
a worker of miracles
Some friends have said that I am a miracle worker .
community worker
worker ant
One teaspoon of honey is the entire life work of a worker bee.
she's our best worker
a worker of miracles
He left school without qualifications and was a shop assistant before becoming a manual worker for Birmingham Council.
worker bee
He may not have great size, but he's a worker .
By staying out in the cold, the worker slows down the parasite's metabolism, often so much that the bee dies a natural death before the fly larva can mature.