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workday / рабочий день, будний день
имя существительное
рабочий день
working day, day, workday
будний день
weekday, working day, workday
имя существительное
a day on which one works.
Saturdays were workdays for him
No longer are downtowns deserted at the end of a workday or on weekends, partly because fewer people are commuting out to the suburbs.
I can't ever remember London feeling that way on a workday .
On the morning of the first workday of this year, the company was drowned in such complaints from passengers on Metro Line 2 who were left stranded by a train that broke down.
Hmmm… Monday is the second day of the week, the first workday and the worst of all.
The fathers and mothers were asked to choose together a typical workday and nonwork day, usually a weekend day, and then to each fill out a time diary for those two days.
The first six days of the week are workdays in which we work hard to produce food and other necessities.
Sometimes, if it keeps on raining in the daytime on workdays , employees in some factories may be allowed to go back home to save their property.
For the four workdays that fall into that period, rush-hour passengers will be taken by bus to nearby stations on alternate lines that will hopefully be able to cope with the extra numbers.
Social events include meetings with the farmers, harvest festivals, workdays at the farm and evaluations.
Absenteeism costs British industry 5 billion each year and seven million workdays are lost to stress-related illnesses.