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workbook / рабочая тетрадь, сборник упражнений, конспект
имя существительное
рабочая тетрадь
сборник упражнений
abstract, summary, synopsis, outline, conspectus, workbook
имя существительное
a student's book containing instruction and exercises relating to a particular subject.
Konowitz's book could be a workbook for the student and teacher.
Roll up your sleeves while a Disney facilitator guides you through your own workbook of exercises designed to engage the minds of customers and win the hearts of employees.
After being given a grammar book, a literature book, and a workbook to go with each, we were given, believe it or not, three sheets containing literary terms followed by our first homework assignment.
It offered workbook courses that allowed students to independently pick up the high school courses they wanted or needed to take.
An instructor's guide that included answers to end-of-chapter questions and additional problems, and especially a workbook for students, would make the book even more attractive as a text.
By working through the exercises in their workbook , parents learn to set and monitor their own goals for behavior change and enhance their skills in observing their child's and their own behavior.
But what people focus on really isn't the beautiful thing, they always focus on the amount of time it took her to do the workbook , math book, homework, reading or puzzle.
The woman somehow selected an entire workbook in MS Excel and printed it out.
The pages in the student workbook are reproducible with numerous ‘look and do’ activities including weaving, pottery, and so on, closing with a ‘Fun Quiz’ and a glossary of terms.
By following the workbook exercises you will develop the courage you need to dare to face the fears which accompany a life of not overeating.
The teacher's edition includes extra notes, activity ideas, and all pages from the student workbook .