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workaday / будничный, повседневный
имя прилагательное
everyday, daily, casual, workaday, undress, day-to-day
имя прилагательное
of or relating to work or one's job.
the workaday world of timecards and performance reviews
But they are vastly outnumbered by packs of a more workaday character.
Though in the ordinary, workaday world, you find yourself with not a friend about you, step into the other world, and a universe of friends, this great, glorious brotherhood, will be there for you.
The routine, workaday books that keep rolling off printing machines and that one lives and works with today share very little of that quality, or that sensibility.
Smither's patient way of painting, however - moulding one slow layer over another - served to elevate humble workaday household items - cups, plates - to epic and monumental status.
It's a modest, workaday coffee we routinely serve at home but sludge it ain't.
Somehow Ludwig seemed to have succeeded in functioning in the mundane, workaday world and still keep a spiritual perspective on matters.
The old pilgrim paths sometimes beckon to us, teasing us from the routine of workaday lives with promises of spiritual glory and glimmers of the Divine, however we interpret that deeply human need.
Our fear, guilt, and, occasionally, even jealousy over the way the elderly are separated from workaday reality has led us to think about the ‘golden years’ as something that takes place in another realm.
The question is whether we can find secreted in the language of a particular text the bustling, workaday life of the common people.
Then there is the stuff of workaday journalism, rather like an ordinary meal one has to plough through, a chore worthwhile only for whatever nutritional value there may be.