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workable / осуществимый, выполнимый, реальный
имя прилагательное
feasible, workable, enforceable, realizable, practicable, implementable
executable, feasible, doable, workable, implementable, manageable
real, live, practical, tangible, workable, practicable
economic, economical, rentable, workable, paying, pay
имя прилагательное
able to be worked, fashioned, or manipulated.
more flour and salt can be added until they make a workable dough
capable of producing the desired effect or result; practicable; feasible.
a workable peace settlement
The four ideals in fact cannot exist at the same time to form a reasonable and workable system.
The features are good, and the resulting weblogs perfectly workable : but something is lacking here.
At the outset, it seemed like a reasonable and workable arrangement.
Are you actually waiting to see what they're going to propose in detail, to see if it is possibly workable ?
That way come the spring the soil will hopefully be much more workable than this year, when the bed vacated by the pigs was quite badly panned and took a lot of effort to open up.
We want a workable policy whether you keep a few sheep or a lot of sheep.
The solvents act to decrease the viscosity of the bitumen making it more workable .
This is not that kind of situation; we are involved with a workable , practical situation.
Only out of free and open debate can you achieve workable policies.
This seems to me an eminently practical and workable scheme of legislation.