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wording / формулировка, редакция, форма выражения
имя существительное
formulation, wording, statement, formula, drafting, enunciation
editorial office, wording, redaction, release, formulation, amendment
форма выражения
имя существительное
the words used to express something; the way in which something is expressed.
the standard form of wording for a consent letter
choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something).
he words his request in a particularly ironic way
the standard form of wording for a consent letter
the standard form of wording for a consent letter
However, we may need to find some wording whereby reference to significant changes to the contract are made.
In other words, surely small variations to wording cannot make a significant difference to people's replies?
Here is another way to put the point: All wordings can be vague depending on the situation in which it is being applied.
Similar questions can, and will, be raised about some of the other alternative wordings , but this kind of debate will be useful in stimulating critical consideration of the discourse of oppression.
If levels of reported discrimination vary by question wording and order, follow-up work will be needed to explain these variations and establish which wordings and placements yield the most accurate results.
Card buffs, however, huff that wordings are getting stale and that innovation in design is the one thing that is missing from cards of all sorts.
Although she objected to some ‘mannerisms’ and ‘certain wordings ,’ she still declared that the writing ‘is so good that it is not necessary that it should be flawless’.
It did so fail in the case of the Rosetta Stone, whose wordings are versions in triplicate of a decree instituting a cult of the then - 196 BC - reigning Ptolemy.