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word / слово, речь, текст
имя существительное
word, say, syllable, faith
speech, language, address, words, discourse, word
text, word, version, document, book
news, word, knowledge, advertisement
promise, pledge, word, faith, parole, parole of honor
lead, conduct, keep, guide, drive, word
formulate, word
выражать словами
verbalize, word, utter, phrase
подбирать выражения
имя существительное
a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.
He attempted to say a few things, but none of the noises actually turned into words let alone sentences.
choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something).
he words his request in a particularly ironic way
used to express agreement.
“That Jay is one dangerous character.” “Word.”
denoting a word that may be offensive or have a negative connotation, specified by the word's first letter.
the F-word
I don't like the word ‘unofficial’
He hadn't seen this side of Ron yet, this, for lack of a better word , bitchy side and he was strangely unsurprised by it.
However, the emphasis here should be on the word meaningful.
As one of the pillars of democracy, they have the right to question every word and deed.
Kumar has never harmed anyone by thought, word or deed, as far as I know.
In fact, they didn't speak a word till it was over and once it was over, they clapped.
Britain, she said in word and deed, demanded boldness: find it in me!
we were given the word to advance
Take my word for it, if you know anything about the rarity of a true hip hop standout, then you will be at this show.
I do not speak a word of Italian, nor do I know anything about the different regions etc as I would with France.