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woozy / пьяный, ошалевший, ошалелый
имя прилагательное
drunk, drunken, inebriate, pissed, screwed, woozy
spacey, woozy, spacy, zonked
spacy, woozy, spacey, zonked
unstable, erratic, unsteady, labile, tippy, woozy
unsteady, shaky, unstable, tottering, woozy
имя прилагательное
unsteady, dizzy, or dazed.
I still felt woozy from all the pills
She had put herself on a strict diet to fit into a new bathing suit, hadn't eaten all day, had a few drinks at a friends party, felt woozy and went to lie down.
He began to feel very woozy and weak and eventually went limp.
So that when your husband comes home, looks into your woozy eyes, and asks you what you've had to eat today, you can in all honesty tell him, ‘Some toast, I think,’ before you pass out.
Peter, meanwhile, is battling a 24-hour virus that makes him woozy even as he swings off to rescue Betty at the seasonally closed Coney Island.
After my third beer, I started feeling curiously light-headed and woozy .
Still a bit woozy , Brian rose unsteadily into a crouch.
For one rather panicky hour before dinner I thought I'd lost it altogether, feeling woozy and slightly dizzy.
Regressing into a trance-like state as I threw myself back into the mindless world of typing numbers, I began to feel a little woozy at the monotony of it all.
I'm a bit of a turkey when it comes to needles, and I'm lying there all locked into place with the coils and headphones, feeling woozy and faint.
He felt woozy and light headed now and was afraid it would show.