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woolly / шерстистый, неясный, покрытый шерстью
имя прилагательное
woolly, fleecy, pilose, pilous
unclear, obscure, vague, dim, indistinct, woolly
покрытый шерстью
woolly, fleecy
uncouth, rustic, unhewn, rough, loutish, woolly
entangled, addle, cloudy, incondite, muddy, woolly
имя существительное
шерстяной свитер
шерстяное белье
woollies, woolly
имя прилагательное
made of wool.
a red woolly hat
vague or confused in expression or character.
woolly thinking
имя существительное
a garment made of wool, especially a pullover.
Bargain hunters snapped up everything from winter woollies to suits and evening wear.
a sheep.
Pioneer historians were quick to notice that bighorn epidemics regularly followed the arrival of tame woollies .
I was thinking about this short-lived notoriety as I walked the hills with their scattering of sheep when I became aware of another fact about these woolly creatures.
Our textbooks were full of woolly mammals and cave men from the northern hemisphere but we knew very, very little of how the great Australian environment had responded to those events of the last Ice Age.
Behind the coastline lies a bank of woolly cloud.
Someone had also covered her in warm woolly blankets, effectively keeping out the night's chill.
The combination of bushy tail and woolly fur gives the animal a sort of unkempt, shaggy appearance.
It's expressed in rather more woolly language but I accept what your Honour says.
The seasonal molt of their woolly winter hair makes them look even more wretched.
Or cut away infected new growth and scrub any remaining woolly patches on the bark with a toothbrush dipped in methylated spirits (labour intensive but worth it).
It's startling, difficult and rewarding: sometimes knotty with reference and allusion, sometimes woolly and vague.
The word soon spread, and woolly tights became something of a must-have cult item with all us children on the mountain.