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woof / уток, гавканье, ткань
имя существительное
weft, woof, filling, abb
tissue, textile, cloth, fabric, web, woof
имя существительное
the barking sound made by a dog.
There are many barks in the distance - yips vs woofs , neither of which is Jasper's.
(of a dog) bark.
the dog started to woof
Caught in weft and woof of India's looms are stories of ancient skills, artistry and tradition.
the dog started to woof
Other dogs sit tethered to benches, and occasionally woof at competing mutts, but Jasper whines and barks the entire time.
Understanding that, like everything before us, we will rot our way back into the woof and warp of the planet.
For it is in the interest of the Intelligence Community to have its work dealt with as part of the warp and woof of international relations even if, as is sure to be the case, the descriptions are sometimes unflattering or critical or worse.
Oral history, early historical accounts, maps, legends, photos, illustrations, and biographies are interwoven as the woof of this tapestry.
What's he supposed to do, woof once for yes and twice for no?
For a time, however, legal and cultural signifiers of status masked these similarities; these signifiers entered into the warp and woof of material interests and ideological needs.
She was slender and petite with a heart-shaped face and sapphire eyes that just seemed to glow and a figure that still made construction workers woof whenever she walked past them.
It is altogether possible that we may see far-reaching changes in the basic structure of our Government, in the woof of our political thinking.