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woody / древесный, лесистый, лесной
имя прилагательное
woody, arboreal, ligneous, arboreous, arboraceous
wooded, woody, sylvan, timbered, arboreous, silvan
forest, timber, wood, woodland, woody, sylvan
имя прилагательное
(of an area of land) covered with trees.
a woody dale
имя существительное
an erection of the penis.
Forest floor litter was ocularly estimated as the percent of leaf and woody litter covering the mineral soil in each ground flora plot on September 6, 2002.
Wiens noted their aversion to woody edges and cultivated fields, and Bock found them more abundant on interior plots than on edge plots.
The new regulations stipulate that forestry operators, as much as possible, must leave standing dead trees and large woody debris on the harvested area in a manner similar to natural patterns.
Look for small to medium-size parsnips; the larger ones can have a woody core.
I walked up Buena Vista Park - a beautiful woody hill seething with huge dogs.
They burrow under the bark feeding on woody capillary tissue that the tree uses to transport nutrients.
Bulbs can do well in many areas where herbs and grass can't, such as woody areas.
If a dead tree is still standing, we leave it, as we do with woody debris on the forest floor.
Materials in liquids can be injected into trees' woody tissues, known as xylem, because the pressure within the xylem is below that of atmospheric pressure on the outside.
This woody , hilly temperate land with occasionally steep, sometimes even terraced vineyards of limestone and clay is ideal for the production of relatively delicate, fruity white wines.