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woodworm / личинка древоточца
имя существительное
личинка древоточца
имя существительное
the worm or larva of a beetle that bores into wood.
However, the relatively soft woods of European furniture were no match for the humidity, tropical woodworms , and termites of Cuba.
The tree, in the car park of St John the Baptist Church, was ‘badly scarred’ by the incident and a tree specialist told Millward that it will probably suffer from woodworm and rot.
The order was not without its problems - large discounts were often insisted upon and the furniture was infested with woodworm on arrival.
Also check floorboards and woodwork for active woodworm and rot.
It has to be cut thickly (making individual panels rather heavy) and is prone to warping and damage by woodworm .
A serious woodworm out-break in the sanctuary was discovered and all affected timbers have now been removed.
He once discovered from the woodworm living in the beam in the roof of his prison cell that they were moments away from chewing right through.
buildings suffering from dampness, woodworm, and wood rot
At least they now have a building without all forms of rot and woodworm , and without pigeons in the roof and who knows what in the cellars!
Inspect the roof - looking at lead flashing joints in the valley between roof slopes - guttering, windows and door frames, and be vigilant for signs of damp, rot or woodworm .
Staff will also be on the lookout for insect pests such as woodworm , and surfaces and open stonework will also get the spring clean treatment all year round.